send message to "Baby Mamas"

send message to "Baby Mamas"

This is an appreciation post. A shoutout to the Baby Mamas, without whom, I would never have made it through the motherhood journey.

These women are a million and one things. The word special doesn't seem to do them justice and I am forever grateful that becoming a mother also gave me these beautiful friendships that feel like family.

So, THANK YOU! For the support and guidance during pregnancy, the constant connection and understanding, openness and love, and EVERYTHING in between.

I believe everything happens for a reason, when and how it should. If I hadn't had my miscarriage, I wouldn't have gotten pregnant with Keaton the same time as my dear friend Britt, putting our due dates 2 weeks a part and our babies then coming a day a part. We wouldn't have experienced all of these firsts together, making every moment validating and exciting.
I wouldn't have reconnected with Cass who was pregnant with her second child, sharing her wisdom and experiences through her journey, always understanding and open, never judgmental or annoyed with the million questions.

I am lucky to have a good support system and never felt alone but I still can't imagine the long nights with a newborn without the group texts (odds are someone else was awake). Whenever I am unsure, or something seems off, that group chat is a lifeline. It is a place to make playdates and share photo updates, 'complain' without judgement, lift each other up and celebrate the smallest things. A resource better than any Google search or chatroom; "which brand did you buy?; are you still using a sleep-sack?; how much sleep did you get?; how are you?".

These amazing souls made me feel excited and beyond lucky that they would share all of this with me. They give me their time and love, and in turn love my baby like family would.

I CANNOT WAIT to continue making memories and watch our kids grow together.

I will cherish these moments and friendships forever, no matter which paths our lives take us on. I love them and I love their kids.
To my Baby Mamas, You are amazing.

Love you, see you Tuesday!
xo, Sam

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