a letter to my little love

a letter to my little love

dear keaton,

You are so loved. Our first baby and first grandbaby on my side, you have brought a light to so many lives just by being you.

The day you arrived was wild, emotional, amazing and changed everything in an instant. I never knew I could love another human the way I love you. So unconditionally, that my needs and wants could pause entirely to put you first. Something I truly didn't expect, and even worried wouldn't happen for me. 
Holding this small little person in my arms for the first time was overwhelming in the best way. A baby boy, 6lbs 10oz... smaller than I expected but you have made up for that in the last year and a half of your life!

Being your mum was so new and exciting. I was in a bubble of bliss and love, feeling like we were so special to everyone in our little world. You have taught me more about myself and who I want to be in your short life so far than I have learned in my 32 years. 

You are everything to me. I am always thinking of you. Always loving you. Hopeful you will experience so much happiness and love and goodness in your life. I want to protect your kind, sensitive soul forever and hope you share it with everyone around you, never afraid to be true to yourself.

Watching you grow so far has been a true gift. You are so smart and know exactly what you want. You move at your own pace, but once you decide you're moving, you are a force. 

I cannot wait to see where your life takes you. I am with you for it all... for as long as it's cool to have your mom around (and even when it's not cool... sorry!). 

You are strong. Your are compassionate. You are clever and funny. You are wild and cautious.
You are LOVED, sweet boy.

xo, mum

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